Astrophysics Group

Cavendish Laboratory

Faculty and Emeritus

E-mail addresses are formed by appending to the e-mail ID listed in the table.
Telephone numbers are dialled by prefixing area code 01223 (UK) or +44 1223 (international).
To phone from the University network remove the first digit (3 or 7) from the number listed.
If table entries are blank, web page may give more contact details.

Name Comments E-mail ID Telephone
Prof. Paul Alexander Head of Astrophysics Group p.alexander 337477
Dr. David Buscher d.buscher 337302
Dr. Peter Duffett-Smith Emeritus p.j.duffett-smith
Dr. Dave Green 337305
Prof. Stephen Gull s.f.gull 337367
Prof. Chris Haniff c.a.haniff 337307
Prof. Antony Hewish Emeritus a.hewish 766763
Prof. Richard Hills Emeritus r.e.hills 337369
Prof. Mike Hobson m.p.hobson 339992
Dr. Aglae Kellerer a.kellerer 337299
Prof. Anthony Lasenby Deputy Director of Kavli Institute a.n.lasenby 337239
Prof. Malcolm Longair m.s.longair 765777
Prof. Roberto Maiolino r.maiolino 761661
Dr. Rachael Padman * rp11 * 337310
Prof. Didier Queloz d.queloz 337083
Dr. John Richer j.s.richer 337246
Dr. Julia Riley j.m.riley 337308
Dr. Richard Saunders r.saunders 337301
Dr. Paul Scott Emeritus p.f.scott 337306