Astrophysics Group

Cavendish Laboratory

Research Students

E-mail addresses are formed by appending to the e-mail ID listed in the table.
Telephone numbers are dialled by prefixing area code 01223 (UK) or +44 1223 (international).
To phone from the University network remove the first digit (3 or 7) from the number listed.
If table entries are blank, web page may give more contact details.

Name Comments E-mail ID Telephone
Francesco Belfiore f.belfiore 746434
Alison Brennan Visitor a.brennan 337367
Stefano Carniani Visitor s.carniani 760796
David Carretero
Claudia Cicone
Maximilian Guenther m.guenther 337364
William Handley w.handley 746437
Sonke Hee s.hee 746437
Kamran Javid k.javid 337364
Terry Jin t.jin 337565
Do Young Kim 746437
Lindley Lentati l.lentati 337247
Carina Negreanu c.negreanu 760796
Marion Neveu Visitor m.neveu 337364
Alexander Rea
Clare Rumsey c.rumsey 337364
Carl Salji c.salji 746434
Peter Sims p.sims 337247
Irina Stefan i.stefan 337364
Fabio Vito Visitor f.vito 760796
Alexander Wells a.wells 337247
Rebecca Williams r.williams 746434
Danial Yar-Mukhamedov d.yar-mukhamedov 337247
Haoyang Ye 337247