Astrophysics Group

Cavendish Laboratory

Research, Technical and Administrative Staff

E-mail addresses are formed by appending to the e-mail ID listed in the table. Telephone numbers are dialled by prefixing area code 01223 (UK) or +44 1223 (international). To phone from the University network remove the first digit (3 or 7) from the number listed. If table entries are blank, web page may give more contact details.

Name Comments E-mail ID Telephone
Verity Allan v.allan 746816
Dr. Mark Ashdown m.ashdown 337300
Bob Barker Emeritus r.w.barker 337346
Dennis Bly Emeritus
Dr. Rosie Bolton
Dr. Matthew Bothwell m.bothwell 337210
Dr. Jane Buckle j.buckle 746436
Steven Carey shcarey 746951
Prof. Chris Carilli 337306
Mike Crofts Emeritus m.crofts 337339
Robert D’Alessandro r.d’alessandro 337349
Dr. Brice Demory bod21 337214
Peter Doherty p.doherty 337370
John Ely j.ely 337349
Dr. Andrew Faulkner a.faulkner 764972
Martin Fisher m.fisher 766476
Sally Hales Emeritus s.hales 337303
David Hammett
Dr. Jack Hickish j.hickish 337415
Gregory Lambert g.lambert 746812
Dr. Eloy de Lera Acedo eloy 337365
Dr. Bojan Nikolic b.nikolic 746432
Ian Northrop i.northrop 262463
David Odell Emeritus
Dr. Malak Olamaie Research Fellow m.olamaie 337345
Dr. Kazuaki Ota 746431
Dr. Yingjie Peng y.peng 337210
Dr. Yvette Perrott Research Fellow y.perrott 337345
Dr. Guy Pooley Emeritus g.g.pooley 337303
Dr. Nima Razavi-Ghods n.razavi-ghods 766763
Karen Scrivener Group Administrator k.scrivener 337294
Dr. Bodie Seneta b.seneta 337312
Clive Shaw 262463
Dr. Vladislav Stolyarov v.stolyarov 746430
Dr. David Sun x.sun 766476
David Titterington Emeritus d.titterington 337368
Dr. Samatha Thompson s.j.thompson 746923
Dr. Elizabeth Waldram Emeritus e.m.waldram 337303
Greg Willatt
Dr. Donald Wilson Emeritus d.m.wilson 337297
Dr. John Young j.s.young 337347