Proceedings of the Particle Physics and Early Universe Conference (PPEUC).
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The Sunyaev--Zel'dovich effect and Hubble's constant

K. Grainge

MRAO, The Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge, England.


Combining measurements of the thermal Sunyaev--Zel'dovich effect with X-ray data allows calculation of a direct, physical estimate of Hubble's Constant () without the need for distance-ladder-type arguments. I discuss the random and systematic errors inherent in this method of estimating , and present the preliminary results obtained for A2218 of and for A1413 of . These two clusters of galaxies are part of an orientation unbiased, X-ray selected sample.

PPEUC Proceedings
Fri Jun 27 15:29:33 BST 1997