Proceedings of the Particle Physics and Early Universe Conference (PPEUC).
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4 Black hole structure 

See Figure 1.

The accessible space-time (physical region) is defined by .

In the coord., the metric (eq.4) is singular at and , where the apparent horizon is located.

In the coord., the metric (eq.6) is Minkowskian for . The / coordinates describe the interior/exterior of the black hole. These two regions are causally disconnected.

In the coord., the metric (eq.8) is singular in the limits and , if . The horizon is located at . It takes a finite amount of proper time for all time-like geodesics with to reach the central singularity at , where all the matter is concentrated after the collapse.

Figure 1:   Space-time diagram of the 2-D black hole. The light cones are looking upwards everywhere. The curves denoted by AH and EH are the apparent and event horizons respectively.

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