Particle Physics and the Early Universe Conference

The Particle Physics and Early Universe Conference was held at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, between April 7-11 1997, organised jointly by the High Energy Physics and Radio Astronomy groups of the Cambridge University Department of Physics. It brought together over 300 scientists from the UK and abroad working in the fields of high energy physics and cosmology. The meeting consisted of the annual conference on particle physics held under the auspices of the Institute of Physics, and a workshop on structure in the cosmic microwave background, as well as joint sessions of talks addressed to both the particle physicists and cosmologists, a public session, and a session dedicated to the centenary of JJ Thomson's discovery of the electron.

These proceedings are being provided on the world-wide web to give the quickest and widest distribution of the papers presented at the conference. The overhead transparencies used by the speakers in the joint, particle-physics plenary and electron centenary sessions were copied and have been scanned and are made available as PostScript files; simply click on the title of the talk in any of the contents lists to view the material. For the CMB workshop, authors of all the talks and posters have been invited to submit papers; again, click on the title to view a hypertext version of the paper; PostScript versions are also available to allow high-quality hard copies to be printed.

We would welcome any feedback on these `virtual proceedings'-please send your comments to the editors.

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Last updated 14 April 1997