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Science Instrument Downselect
IDMilestonePerson(s)Due DateStatus
1Beam size memosDFB Delivered
2Generic Switchyard RequirementsJC Delivered
3Devise slide testsCJ Complete
4Survey of commercial slidesCP Complete
5Generic Detector RequirementsJSY Delivered
6P4S combiner optimizationJC Complete
7P4S switchyard optimizationJC Complete
8P8 combiner optimizationJC Complete
9P8 (internal) switchyard optimizationJC Complete
10P4/P8 manufacturer dialogueJCDue 2006/07/3170% done
11P4S/P8 spectrograph optimizationCJDue 2006/09/0170% done
12I4S combiner optimizationFBDue 2006/07/1790% done
13I4S switchyard optimizationJC 80% done
14I6 combiner optimizationFBDue 2006/07/1790% done
15Optical interface with fringe trackerJC/CJDue 2006/08/1480% done
16Slide tests Phase 1 (1 slide, tip-tilt repeatability)CPDue 2006/08/14Complete
17Spatial filter evaluationMCEDue 2006/09/1150% done
18Alignability evaluationJC/CJDue 2006/10/2310% done
19Modulator requirementsDFBDue 2006/07/310% done
20Modulator tip-tilt testsJCDue 2006/09/2520% done
21Signal-to-noise calculationJSYDue 2006/10/0930% done
22Slide tests Phase 2 (2 slides, OPD repeatability)CPDue 2006/10/16Awaiting slide
23Imaging speed calculationJSYDue 2006/10/23Waiting on 21
24CostingJSYDue 2006/10/23Waiting on 10
25Final ReportJSYDue 2006/11/06
26Preliminary design for downselected conceptFB/JCDue 2006/11/27

The following beam combiner concepts are being considered:

The choice of switchyard for each concept also impacts the design of the FT switchyard. See Switchyards.

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