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Message sent to on 25 June 2007:

Hi all,

As you know, we have set up a wiki wiki web ("wiki" for short) to assist with writing and revising the documents we must submit for the upcoming Final Design Review. We have opted to use the PmWiki software.

The wiki consists of a set of web pages, each of which can have any number of documents attached to it. Anyone with the appropriate password can edit the pages and upload documents - this is hopefully straightforward, and everyone is encouraged to edit the pages whenever you have something useful to add. Previous versions of pages and uploaded documents are preserved, so any mistakes can always be undone.

To view the pages, point your web browser at

I've uploaded most of the documents relevant to the FDR that already exist (not many so far...)

I'd like to draw your attention to a few pages in particular:

  • Systems Engineering Documents:

  • List of material needed for FDR:

  • To-do lists:

  • PmWiki user documentation (how to edit pages etc.):

To attach a document to the currently-displayed page, click the link in the page footer. To edit the currently-displayed page, click the 'Edit Page' link at the top right. In either case, you will need to enter the password "mroi=loa". Please upload documents in PDF format wherever possible (the author should retain the source document such as a Word or LaTeX file), and ensure the page text includes a link to the new attachment. For now, please discuss with JSY or MF before creating any new pages (unless there is already a link to the page you are creating).

Please report any problems to me.

Cheers, John.

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