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Document management policy, links to PmWiki instructions, and document templates go here.

Document Management Policy

Here is the policy, by order of your (mostly) benevolent dictator JSY!

  • A summary of the FDR documents and their status can be found at Final Design Review Material
  • Use the appropriate MRO-assigned document identifier INT-406-VEN-xxxx
  • Use one of the templates below
  • Use a revision number and change history (see templates)
    • Revision numbers are of the form [MAJOR].[MINOR] where [MAJOR] and [MINOR] are non-negative integers
    • Use [MAJOR] of 0 for unreleased documents and 1 for released documents. [MINOR] reverts to zero whenever [MAJOR] changes
    • Increment [MINOR] just prior to attaching a new version of the document to the wiki

MF and JSY are happy to carry out the following actions on your behalf:

  • Attach each document to one wiki page only
    • Attach to the most appropriate of the pages linked from Delay Line Systems Engineering Documents
    • Make a link to the attachment from Final Design Review Material, and update the status summary as necessary
    • There is no need to rename the attachment when uploading a newer version - the wiki will automatically rename the old attachment. This way any links will automatically point to the latest version
    • If you are revising a released document, add a note to Released FDR Documents stating what was done when, such as "[Updated 2008/01/20]"
  • To release a document to NMT and the reviewers, make a link to the attachment from Released FDR Documents
    • Beware that once you have released a document in this way, the link from Released FDR Documents will automatically point to any newer version that is later uploaded to the wiki (provided the instructions above about not renaming are followed)
  • Announcement (2006/06/25) - brief instructions on what to use this wiki for

Document Templates

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