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Draft Test List

Tests for FDR

Need to check if the following is consistent with DFB's list.

Before tests: ensure all software used for tests has been committed to the subversion repository.

  1. Check velocity ramping under VME control by moving fixed distances (plus and minus): 4mm, 10mm, 20mm, 50mm 100mm 200mm 500mm 2m.
  2. Test tracking at rates of (plus and minus) 0.1mm/s, 0.2mm/s, 0.4mm/s, 0.8mm/s and then 1 to 15mm/s in increments of 1mm/s.
  3. Test tracking at constant accelerations up to 1.25 micron/s^2. Test reversing direction while tracking.
  4. Test response to fringe tracking offsets.
  5. Repeat two constant velocity tracking tests (1mm/s and 10mm/s) with steering loop closed and actuating (may need to force actuation). After metrology alignment:
  6. Check slewing and tracking for a subset of above velocities.
  7. Check shear loop operation.
  8. Repeat tracking tests with all loops closed.

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