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This page was used in the lead-up to the 2007 Final Design Review to summarise the status of the documents being prepared. The links point to the latest version of the documents, which in some cases have been revised since the review.

The list of FDR documents is based on MF's FDR Proposal Document.

See also: FDRTodoLists DraftTestList

Please upload your document in PDF format to the appropriate page linked from the first column in the table below (rather than this page) - for example, the "Derived Requirements" document should be uploaded to Requirements. You should then make a link from this page (from the table) to the uploaded document.

Document templates may be obtained from DocMan.

To release a document, place a link to it on the ReleasedFDRDocuments page.

"For Information" FDR Documents

Upload toDocumentIdentifierResponsibleDue DateExpected DateStatus
Design Documentation    
 System OverviewINT-406-VEN-0100 6 July 07-Complete
 Control Software ArchitectureINT-406-VEN-0101JSY6 July 07-Released
 Trolley Software Functional DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0102EBS6 July 07-Released
 Workstation Software Functional DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0103JSY6 July 07-Released
 VME Software Functional DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0104RCB22 Jan 0822 Jan 08Released
 Shear Camera Software Funtional DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0105EBS6 July 07-Released
 Top-level RequirementsINT-406-TSP-0002FS6 July 07-Updated by FS

FDR Documents for Review:

Upload toDocumentIdentifierResponsiblesDue DateExpected DateStatus
Management: for review     
 Schedule and budget overviewINT-406-VEN-0106DFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08To be drafted
 MRO Delay Line Documentation PlanINT-406-VEN-0120MF22 Jan 088 Feb 08Drafted
Management: for internal review      
 Schedule for delivery of 1st production trolleyINT-406-VEN-xxxxDFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08To be drafted
 Schedule for Campus Acceptance TestsINT-406-VEN-xxxxDFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08To be drafted
 Contract Deliverables ListINT-406-VEN-0124DFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08Exists in contract
 Production Phase BudgetsINT-406-VEN-0125DFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08To be drafted
 Derived RequirementsINT-406-VEN-0107DFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08Released
Design Drawings      
 Trolley-XS22 Jan 0811 Jan 08Updated
 Delay Line Pipes and Supports-XS8 Jan 20088 Jan 08Released
 Metrology Layout (for Magdalena Ridge)see metrology design description INT-406-VEN-0113XS22 Jan 0822 Jan 083D design completed
Design Documentation      
 Trolley Mechanical Design DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0111MF/XS/DMAW6 July 0729 Jan 08Released (TBU)
 Trolley Electronics Design DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0112MF/RCB/DMAW/EBS22 Jan 0829 Jan 08Released
 Metrology System & VME Hardware Design Description (inc. test rig)INT-406-VEN-0113RCB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08Released
 Metrology Laser ChoiceINT-406-VEN-0114CAH22 Jan 0829 Jan 08Released
 Delay Line Pipes and Supports Design DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0115MF/XS/DMAW22 Jan 087 Feb 08Released
 Limits Design DescriptionINT-406-VEN-0116MF22 Jan 088 Feb 08Released (TBU)
Component Documentation    
 Proposed design revisionsINT-406-VEN-0117MF22 Jan 0812 Feb 08To be drafted
 Component ListsINT-406-VEN-0118MF22 Jan 0812 Feb 08Drafted (TBU)
Handling Procedures    
 Proposed Delay Line Set-up Tools, Jigs and ProceduresINT-406-VEN-0119MF/XS/DMAW22 Jan 085 Feb 08Released
Test Results     
 List of testsINT-406-VEN-0108MF22 Jan 087 Feb 08Released
 Performance Test ResultsINT-406-VEN-0109MF22 Jan 087 Feb 08Released
 Test Results Appendix B part1INT-406-VEN-0109MF22 Jan 088 Feb 08Released
 Test Results Appendix B part2INT-406-VEN-0109MF22 Jan 088 Feb 08Released
 Production trolley Acceptance Test PlanINT-406-VEN-0110DFB22 Jan 0829 Jan 08To be drafted
Risk and Hazard Assessment    
 Risk and Hazard documentINT-406-VEN-0121MF22 Jan 088 Feb 08Released
Interface Control      
 ICD: Delay line to Beam Relay systemINT-406-VEN-0008MF6 Nov 0728 May 2009Updated
 ICD: Delay line to BCF infrastructure (building)INT-406-VEN-0009MF21 Dec 0720 May 09Updated
 ICD: Delay line to metrology systemINT-406-VEN-0010MF6 Nov 07-Released
 ICD: Delay line to vacuum systemINT-406-VEN-0011MF22 Jan 0822 Jan 08Released
 ICD: Metrology System to BCFINT-406-VEN-0012MF6 Nov 0729 May 2009Updated
 ICD: Metrology System to Beam Relay SystemINT-406-VEN-0013MF6 Nov 07-Released
FDR Overheads   11 Feb 0811 Feb 08To be drafted

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