OptInt PmWiki : MROI Delay Line / MROI Delay Line

This wiki group is for the MROI Delay Line design contract (and subsequent contract extensions to deliver production delay line trolleys).

Information related to schedules, budgets and contract deliverables
Document Management
Instructions and templates
Delay Line Systems Engineering Documents
Documents in various categories
Top-level and derived technical specifications
Design Documentation
Design descriptions for review
Interface Control
ICD documents
Final Design Review Material
Links to all FDR documents
Delay Line Prototype Software
Front page for the control software to be used for trolley acceptance tests

There is a separate wiki group for the Delay Line Production Software Contract, replacing the previous (pre-April 2009) page Delay Line Production Software.

Certain DL-related material is on the Restricted Wiki (Raven login required):

Technical Notes
Miscellaneous wiki content and documents produced during the course of our work on the Delay Lines. Generally for internal use only.

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