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Prototype Software To Do List

A preliminary release of the prototype software was made to NMT in August 2010. The tasks below that are yet to be struck through should be done for subsequent releases.


  • Build/install/configuration/test manual(s) - includes procedures that NMT can use to test their software installation
  • User manuals
  • Packages with top-level Makefiles

All C code

  • Check it builds without compiler warnings
  • Check for Doxygen warnings
  • Group doxygen docs into modules, use @memberof, @extends with newer doxygen
  • Get 'make lint' to succeed, without errors
    • BUT splint has inadequate support for C99

C Libraries

  • cmddatadef: SteeringOn command parameters
  • cmddatacheck: DoNothing command doesn't pass check
  • New clientapp sub-package (from testclient)
  • New configfile sub-package (from vme)
  • serialise/dlmsg: handle incomplete message read

Trolley software

  • MotorVel status item -> VelDem
  • Don't send Unassigned & Reserved status booleans
  • Visible version number
  • Update for latest commonlibs (e.g. configfile)

Shear camera software

  • Visible version number
  • Update for latest commonlibs (e.g. configfile)

VME metrology software

We will be releasing the production metrology software to NMT, rather than the prototype VME software. Hence the following items are not needed anymore:

  • Finish port to new computer/QNX 6.4.0/Agilent metrology
  • New metrology status items
  • Options to override IP addresses/ports
  • Move ConfigFile to commonlibs
  • Rename RateDem telemetry stream (already done in production metrology software)
  • Use libcmddatacheck (low priority)

Workstation software

  • MotorVel status item -> VelDem
  • Write logs/faults to new FITS table
  • Finish/debug sweep function
  • Strip out production functionality?
    • Sidereal trajectory?
    • EServerPP
  • Remove slew trajectory?
  • Use ConfigFile and get_unix_time_current()

Trolley and VME emulators

  • MotorVel status item -> VelDem
  • Read configuration files
  • emtrly accept command data from shearcam
  • Move ClientApp, DataSource, DataSink to commonlibs

Analysis GUI

  • Accommodate Bodie's changes to status/telemetry
  • Import to subversion repository
  • Accommodate changes to workstation status/telemetry (WKSTN->SYSTEMn etc.)
  • Automatic trolley status plots (handles whatever status items are present)
  • Plot emtrly telemetry
  • Accommodate multi-channel metrology status/telemetry (for Linux metrology software)
  • Read new FITS table containing logs/faults (low priority)

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