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Baseline Solution Software

Need to design this. May be best to implement within a framework which is an embryonic form of the MROI offline software framework - but we need to design the framework!

Key Requirements/Issues for Offline Software Framework

  • ISS Supervisor able to launch specific offline data analysis tasks
    • Supply parameters
  • Need interactive data reduction/analysis environment
    • For algorithm development & testing, non-standard reductions
    • Plotting
    • Online help
    • Access to "standard" commands and parameters
  • Data import/export from/to MCDB
    • Import monitor data, "science" data from MCDB
    • Export results (e.g. baseline solution) to MCDB
    • How to structure data?
  • Usable independent of MCDB (e.g. off site)

Scripting language candidates

  • Python/SciPy
  • Matlab
  • Octave (Matlab clone)
    • OO but no GUI capabilities
  • Yorick
    • No OO
  • IDL
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