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Major tasks:

  • Standalone system bootstrap: define procedure and implement
  • Engineering control GUI:
    • Log/fault handling
    • Specified DL's only?
    • Display only mode
    • Interface with system controller: define connections and forwarding (consider subsystem disconnection)
    • Logging choices re concatenated status/non-synchronous telemetry
  • System controller:
    • State machine framework that can be integrated with MROI framework
    • Merging telemetry/status into monitor data
      • Distinguish e.g. TRLY1.Idle from VME.Idle1, SYSTEM1.OpdIdle
      • TRLY items can be configured as status or telemetry - prefer telemetry?
    • Fault transmission

Smaller tasks:

  • Translation between ExcStatus and ControlException
  • Don't use HTTP proxy
  • Intra-night offset in system status should be offset being applied *now* ?
  • FT not a dlmsg client - fix code and documentation
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