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This wiki group is for the new (April 2010) FTT/NAS & FLC contract. Please refer to the Kick-off Presentation for more information.

The three-letter abbreviations below refer to the 2nd component - document type - of our document identifier convention, see Document Management for details.

Calendar for meetings, milestones and staff absences
Meeting agendas, minutes and discussion material
Document Management
Procedures and document templates
Technical requirement specification documents
Documents (TRE) for review, including proposed designs
Documents (TRE) and drawings (DWG) describing the latest hardware and software designs. Will eventually be delivered to MRO.
Manuals (MAN) and procedures (PRO) describing how the delivered hardware and software should be setup and used.
Interface control documents (ICD) and associated engineering drawings (DWG)
Testing plans and reports (TRE)
Documents from previous attempts to develop or procure the FTT system. Treat content with caution especially outdated requirement and interface specifications.

Certain FTT-related material is on the Restricted Wiki (Raven login required):

Contract Documents
Contract and contract-related documents
Schedule Tracking
Gantt charts, minutes of Schedule Tracking meetings
Technical Notes
Miscellaneous wiki content, documents (TEN) and test results produced during the course of our work on the FTT contract(s). Generally for internal use only.
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