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Top-level Requirements

There are separate requirements documents for the Fast Tip-Tilt/Narrow-field Acquisition System (FTT/NAS) and First Light Camera (FLC):

Derived Requirements

The above top-level requirements have been flowed down to a set of derived requirements by means of brainstorming sessions and appropriate analysis/simulations. A matrix developed by CAH, MF and ADR attempts to identify all derived requirements and can be used to check if we have captured them all: Derived Requirements Matrix

The derived requirements are being written up in the document: MRO-TRE-CAM-0000-0101: Derived Requirements

Some results and analysis for the document have been attached to this wiki page, please refer to the following sections.

Stability & Image Quality

The attached table gives stability error budgets for the layouts agreed at TechMeet6 and the "zoom" variation agreed at TechMeet7.

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