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Tech Meet 1

Technical Meeting #1: Optomechnical design and derived requirements brainstorm

This meeting took place on Friday 30 April at 10:30. Attendees: JSY, MF, CAH, DFB, XS, EBS, ADR, DMAW


  • Review of top-level requirements
    • Primary functions
    • Environment
    • Space envelope
    • Stability
  • Discussion of possible optical layouts and relevant derived requirements for optomechanics
  • Next steps
    • Tasks
    • Next meeting(s)

Discussion Slides

Slides as PDF Δ

Task Assignments

High priority tasks

Need to get results for discussion at next meeting in one week

  • DFB & JSY: Assign working value for overall image quality requirement
    • Note we will use the working value until it can be refined by simulation
  • DFB: Assign range for pixel scale
  • ADR & CAH: Think about how to apportion image quality budget
  • ADR & CAH: Nominal stability budget
  • XS: Understand space envelope, optical components & make CAD drawing
  • XS: Initial studies of achievable stability
  • MF: Thermal analysis of camera in box
  • JSY: Make corrections to appendix of FTT technical requirements document

Lower priority tasks

  • ADR: Optical design using off-the-shelf components
  • EBS: Liase with ADR about possible sources for off-axis paraboloids
  • EBS: Chase Princeton for mechanical drawings of camera
  • JSY: Photon rate calculations
  • MF: Get available environmental statistics as background information
  • DMAW & MF: Start thinking about test arrangements

Next Meeting

A follow-up meeting to discuss initial results from the high priority tasks will take place at 14:00-16:30 on Friday 7 May in the Ryle Seminar Room.

Concept Map

Source file (requires XMind software)

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