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Tech Meet 13

Technical Meeting #13: Software design (continued)

This meeting took place at 11:30 on Thursday 18 October 2010. Attendees: JSY, EBS, MF, DFB.


  • Open Design Issues
    • Architecture of real-time code: data processing in user-space to allow floating point?
      • Common API with Alex's simulator?
    • GUI toolkit
      • C++/gtkmm or C/GTK+ ?
      • Main FLC process has minimal GUI?
    • Separate GUI process connects with multiple FTTs?
    • Relationship to delay line software
    • FITS conventions:
      • Use Hierarchical Grouping Convention?
    • How to transmit dark/flatfield frames to/from ISS?
    • How to receive off-axis/dispersion offsets from UTCS via ISS?
      • May need to account for future off-axis offsets when choosing initial position of subframe on FTT Mode start


  • Should be possible to implement data processing in user-space real-time task, and this architecture seems sensible - EBS to attempt proof-of-concept
  • GUI should allow connections from multiple subsystems (processes) e.g. system controller, enclosure environmental controller, DL metrology
  • Each GUI instance will normally be used with only one FTT or FLC system. May choose to enforce this if it simplifies the implementation
  • FTT/FLC system should be able to connect with multiple GUI instances simultaneously e.g. local and control room instances (need to support simultaneous connection with ISS anyway)
    • A GUI instance or the ISS can send a command to grab control of the system; other connections become read-only and tell the user which instance has control
  • Proposed usage of HGC (subject to successful trial):
    • New directory created for each contiguous recording; sequence of directories with related names for commanded sequence of recordings
    • Each directory contains an "index" FITS file plus one FITS file per dlmsg connection, each containing a single HDU

New Tasks

  • EBS: Test signalling from Xenomai kernel task to user-space RT task
  • ADR/EBS: Define APIs for centroiding and calculation of TT correction signal
  • JSY: Design new dlmsg (dis)connection protocols for GUI
  • JSY: Investigate image display in GTK/gtkmm
  • JSY: Try out FITS Hierarchical Grouping Convention
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