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Tech Meet 5

This meeting took place on Friday 28 May 2010.

Technical Meeting #5: Camera Selection


  • Test results from Andor and Princeton EMCCD Cameras
  • Comparison
  • Other cameras?
  • Conclusions/next steps

Discussion Material

See FTTPriv:CamCompareTable.


  • Reject Princeton Instruments ProEM 512B due to heat dissipation (and probable lack of Linux support)
    • No need to sign NDA
  • Andor iXon+897 is preferred camera; adopt Hamamatsu EMCCD as fall-back option
  • Use loan Princeton camera to try out a test to measure CCD chip stability with temperature
  • Seek to borrow Andor camera (e.g. from AMOP) for stability test
  • Arrange visit to Andor HQ to help mitigate remaining risks

Task Assignments

New tasks are in red.

Completed Tasks

  • DFB: Write down initial latency and frame rate requirements with brief justification
    • Calculate for 40Hz bandwidth requirement as well as 50Hz goal

High Priority Tasks

  • EBS & DMAW: Design and set up CCD stability test
  • EBS & CAH: Enquire about borrowing Andor camera from AMOP group
  • EBS & XS: Arrange visit to Andor

  • MF: Determine minimum size of camera enclosure
  • MF & ADR: Use camera enclosure size to refine reflective and transmissive layouts
  • ADR: Final layout/stability budgets for refined layouts: one reflective and one transmissive
  • XS: Look at drawing of Nasmyth table and support structure, advise JSY of follow-up queries
  • XS: Conceptual design of unadjustable dichroic mount
  • XS: Model effect of temperature gradient on stability of dichroic in above mount
  • JSY: Define software components and inter-component dataflows (hardware-independent)
  • JSY: Ask Chris Mayer for field rotation rate
    • Received holding response

Medium Priority Tasks

  • EBS: Add column for Hamamatsu camera to comparison table
    • Send questions to Hamamatsu if necessary

  • MF: Thermal modelling of camera enclosure to refine derived requirements
  • MF: Look for missing derived requirements using N^2 diagram
  • TBA: Calculate seasonal focus change
  • EBS: Look for 1U or 2U computers with 2 PCI slots drawing < 150W

Low Priority Tasks

  • ADR: Analyse EMCCD noise measurements

  • ADR: Dialogue with OAP manufacturer re referencing to optic axis of finished component

Next Meetings


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