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Tech Meet 6

Technical Meeting #6: Optical layout for CoDR

This meeting took place at 14:00 on Thursday 3rd June. Attendees: JSY, MF, ADR, XS, CAH, DMAW, EBS


  • Impacts of coupling component mounts together (e.g. on a common baseplate)
    • With reference to error budgets
  • Need for flat folding mirrors
    • What factors drive this?
  • Selection of layouts and error budgets to present at CoDR
    • Variations on selected layouts to present at CoDR (e.g. "telephoto" lens arrangement)

Selected Layouts

We have selected the following 3 conceptual layouts to present at CoDR (with error budgets). The drawings below are preliminary - the layouts are to be refined by Alex.

OAP (reflective, folded)
Focal length 1600mm, OAP off-axis angle 10 deg
Dog-leg Transmissive
Focal length 1525mm
Zoom Transmissive
Variation from TechMeet7
Direct Transmissive
Focal length 1525mm

Other Conclusions

  • Reflective layout now requires a folding mirror; in previous layouts FTT beam is probably occulted by AAS beamsplitter
  • OAP off-axis angle ~30 deg is probably ok according to ICOS
  • No significant benefits from not respecting AO or future dichroic mount envelopes
  • Addition of a negative lens will be considered as a variation on the above layouts

New Tasks

All high priority unless stated.

  • ADR: Refine selected layouts
  • JSY: Query with NMT:
    • AAS envelope
    • Space to overhang table
    • Clearance above table
    • M4 position
  • ADR: Tolerancing of direct transmissive layout under table bending
  • CAH: Request permission and funding to measure Nasmyth table deformation and temperature gradient at AMOS (during next trip to NMT)
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