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Tech Meet 7

Technical Meeting #7: Conceptual Mechanical Design and Analysis

This meeting took place on Friday 10 June. Attendees: XS, JSY, MF, EBS, ADR


  • Review of mechanical analysis done so far (XS)
  • Next steps


  • Adopt layout variation that allows camera to be adjacent to compact baseplate supporting other components. See below for diagram of this "zoom" layout. This will be considered together with the layouts from TechMeet6:
    • Best place to pin baseplate is next to camera
  • Baseplate needs kinematic supports to isolate it from table deformation
  • Keeping camera off any baseplate mitigates against transfer of heat and vibration to baseplate
  • Kinematic mounting of optics mounts to baseplate not ruled out, but no need to consider in detail yet (until we decide use of different materials for baseplate and mounts is preferable)
Zoom layout

New Tasks

High Priority

  • XS: Calculate bending under thermal gradient of invar or stainless steel baseplate, sized for any of the 3 (plus 1 variation) candidate layouts
  • XS: Estimate material and machining costs for invar baseplate, sized for any of the candidate layouts
  • XS: Repeat previous analysis of dichroic mount under temperature gradient for a stainless steel mount - find acceptable temperature gradients

Lower Priority

  • ADR: Assess impact of global baseplate tilt
  • XS: Consider how to hold glass in mount in order to withstand 0.3g earthquake loads
  • XS: Calculate natural frequency of baseplate, sized for any of the candidate layouts
  • XS: Predict likely temperature gradient across mount given assumed boundary conditions
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