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Tech Meet 8

Technical Meeting #8: Software conceptual design

This meeting took place on Tuesday 15 June 2010. Attendees: JSY, DFB, EBS, MF, ADR

Updated diagrams


  • GUI should be separate process
    • Allows display on console for best performance
    • Can be started and stopped at user's convenience
  • Thermal control
    • Scope of this software includes thermal control of camera enclosure
    • Thermal control should be active continuously, day and night
      • Does this include Peltier?
    • Separate process for thermal control (possibly with its own interface to the ISS) desireable, but requires dedicated I/O hardware
  • Frame acquisition and data processing should be a real-time task in *all* modes
    • Not necessarily for FLC, depends on availability of RT camera data driver
  • Prefer to use floating point calculations for centroiding and servo
    • EBS to find out if this means we must use Xenomai user-space real-time and hence tolerate context switches
  • ISS Interface
    • Most commands (including mode switches) can be synchronous - avoids extra threads/callbacks
      • Exception would be any commands to move actuators
    • Same process as frame acquisition/data processing
  • May need to account for future off-axis offsets when choosing initial position of subframe on FTT Mode start
    • Prefer not to have ISS perform calculation

New Tasks

Medium Priority

  • EBS: Design real-time task in more detail
  • JSY: Investigate use of multiple threads in ISS framework
  • JSY: Ask Allen if systems are allowed to run indefinitely
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