OptInt PmWiki : Site / Upload Quick Reference

1. Use the "Browse" button above to find the "File to upload" on your local computer.

2. For the "Name attachment as:" field, enter the name you prefer the file to have once it has been uploaded to the site. This can be the same as its filename on your source disk or it can be different, but make sure it has the correct file extension.

3. Press "Upload" to upload the file.

4. After uploading, the wiki page you have uploaded to will automatically be opened for editing. Please add a link to the attached file together with a description. To link to an attachment within the page it was uploaded to, simply enter Attach:filename.ext in the page text.

Please note that not all types of file are permitted. Contact JSY if you need to upload an unrecognized file type.

All of the files uploaded to the Site.UploadQuickReference page are listed below.

Existing uploads

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