24 October 2003 **NEW**

FIRST Postage Stamp Server including Contour Option

This server now also offers Contour plots - before using it please read important notes under general instructions and image type.

This postage stamp server for the VLA FIRST Survey returns radio images of the sky in FITS or JPEG format, or as a CONTOUR plot. For more about a form entry, click on its label.

Object name [optional]:
Central Right Ascension:
hh mm ss.sss
Central declination:
(+/-)dd mm ss.ss
Desired image size in RA and Dec (degrees):
See Pixel Spacing for size limit.
Pixel spacing:
Desired pixel size in RA and Dec(arcseconds)
(Min 0.001; max image size 262144 pixels, e.g. 512 x 512)
Desired rotation:
(N through E) on the sky in degrees. (Use 0.0 for contour plots)
Image Type:
(Click for full details of points itemised below!)
"FITS image" needs browser configured with external viewer
"JPEG" may need "reload" if you've fetched more than one.
"CONTOUR" check caveats re plot labels and blank regions.

Note: these images will have a relatively high dynamic range which will cause them to appear as white dots on a black background unless the viewer used has suitable control over brightness, contrast and the range of values to be displayed. The "noise" level in these images is about 0.15 mJy/beam.

the FITSview family of FITS image viewers is available for a variety of computer systems. For a short discussion of installing external viewers for FITS files click here.

In publications using FIRST results please reference Becker, White & Helfand (1995).(Astrophysical Journal 450, 559-577).

Any problems with the UK postage-stamp server? segh@mrao.cam.ac.uk