Astrophysics Group

Cavendish Laboratory

SPIE 2002 Papers

The following papers were presented at SPIE’s Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2002 Symposium by members of the Cavendish team.

Complete citations to these papers are given in our full publications list.

Proc. SPIE 4838: Interferometry for Optical Astronomy II

  • [4838-01] J. E. Baldwin, Ground-based interferometry – the past decade and the one to comePS
  • [4838-03] C. A. Haniff et al., Progress at COAST 2000-2002PS PDF
  • [4838-16] D. F. Buscher and C. A. Haniff, Interferometric “fitness” and the large optical arrayPDF
  • [4838-56] J. Rogers et al., Possible designs for optical interferometric array unit telescopesPS
  • [4838-71] J. W. Keen et al., Results from a pinhole spatial filtering system at COASTPS
  • [4838-95] J. S. Young et al., Astrophysical results from COASTPS
  • [4838-137] N. A. Bharmal et al., Novel wavefront sensor for interferometryPS
  • [4838-145] A. G. Basden et al., Low readout noise CCDs in optical interferometryPS
  • [4838-146] B. O’Donovan et al., Comparing atmospheric seeing values measured by a Differential Image Motion Monitor, Which Is Transportable and COASTPS
  • [4838-162] N. Thureau et al., Fringe envelope tracking at COASTPS

Proc. SPIE 4839: Adaptive Optical System Technologies II

  • [4839-129] R. N. Tubbs et al., Diffraction-limited I band imaging with faint reference starsPS PDF

Proc. SPIE 4840: Future Giant Telescopes

  • [4840-11] C. D. Mackay et al., Noise free detectors in the visible and infrared: implications for the design of next-generation AO systems and large telescopesPS