Astrophysics Group

Cavendish Laboratory

SPIE 2004 Papers

The following papers were presented at SPIE’s Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2004 Symposium by members of the Cavendish team and by co-authors at MRO.

Complete citations to these papers are given in our full publications list.

Proc. SPIE 5490: Advancements in Adaptive Optics

  • [5490-164] E. B. Seneta and B. O’Donovan, Atmospheric spatial and temporal seeing monitor using portable amateur astronomy equipmentPDF

Proc. SPIE 5491: New Frontiers in Stellar Interferometry

  • [5491-44] M. J. Creech-Eakman et al., The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: A fully optimized aperture synthesis array for imagingPDF
  • [5491-59] C. A. Haniff et al., COAST: recent technology and developmentsPDF
  • [5491-78] A. G. Basden et al., A new photon counting spectrometer for the COASTPDF
  • [5491-98] P. R. Lawson et al., An interferometry imaging beauty contestPDF
  • [5491-138] T. A. Pauls et al.,  A data exchange standard for optical (visible/IR) interferometryPDF
  • [5491-146] D. A. Klinglesmith et al., Astronomical site monitoring system for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory PDF
  • [5491-147] B. O’Donovan et al., DIMMWIT measurements of the spatial and temporal scale of atmospheric turbulence at COAST and MROIPDF
  • [5491-172] H. Thorsteinsson and D. F. Buscher, General fringe decomposition and statistical bias correction in optical interferometryPDF
  • [5491-183] H. Thorsteinsson et al., The bispectrum in model-independent imagingPDF

Proc. SPIE 5492: Ground-based Instrumentation for Astronomy

  • [5492-13] C. D. Mackay et al., High resolution imaging in the visible from the ground without adaptive optics: New techniques and resultsPS

Proc. SPIE 5499: Optical and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy

  • [5499-25] C. D. Mackay et al., Astronomical imaging with L3CCDs: Detector performance and high-speed controller designPS
  • [5499-47] R. J. Neill and J. S. Young, A new infrared camera for COASTPDF