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Cavendish Laboratory

SPIE 2008 Papers

The following papers were presented at SPIE’s Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2008 Symposium by members of the Cavendish OptInt team and by co-authors at MRO and institutions within the VSI consortium.

Complete citations to these papers are given in our full publications list.

Proc. SPIE 7013: Optical and Infrared Interferometry

  • [7013-13] Polarization fidelity in an optical interferometer, D. F. Buscher, F. Baron, C. A. Haniff – PDF
  • [7013-23] The long-stroke MROI vacuum delay lines: from concept to production, C. A. Haniff et al. – PDF
  • [7013-31] Magdalena Ridge Observatory interferometer: progress towards first light, M. J. Creech-Eakman et al. – PDF
  • [7013-46] Fringe tracking at the MROI, C. A. Jurgenson et al. – PDF
  • [7013-48] Fringe tracking and spatial filtering: phase jumps and dropouts, D. F. Buscher et al. – PDF
  • [7013-50] Phase referencing in interferometry, M. E. Filho et al. – PDF
  • [7013-58] The 2008 interferometry imaging beauty contest, W. D. Cotton et al. – PDF
  • [7013-76] A high-sensitivity near-infrared science combiner for MROI, F. Baron et al. – PDF
  • [7013-80] VSI: the VLTI spectro imager, F. Malbet et al.
  • [7013-106] System overview of the VLTI spectro imager, L. Jocou et al. – PDF
  • [7013-127] MROI’s automated alignment system, A. V. Shtromberg et al. – PDF
  • [7013-132] Custom near-IR beamsplitter and AR coatings at the MROI, E. K. Block et al. – PDF
  • [7013-144] Image reconstruction at Cambridge University, F. Baron, J. Young – PDF
  • [7013-146] VSI phase closure image reconstruction, M. E. Filho et al. – PDF
  • [7013-152] Fringe tracker for the VLTI spectro imager, L. Corcione et al. – PDF
  • [7013-159] Software and control for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory interferometer delay lines, J. S. Young et al. – PDF
  • [7013-164] Recent developments in optical interferometry data standards, J. S. Young et al. – PDF
  • [7013-172] Science case for 1mas spectro-imaging in the near-infrared, P. J. V. Garcia et al. – PDF