Proceedings of the XXVIIth Young European Radio Astronomers Conference (YERAC).
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Please Note: e-mail addresses and external links in these contributions were correct when these papers were written in 1995, but may no longer be valid.

YERAC: Contributions

These papers were written in LaTeX using the CUP conference style file. They were converted to html for the WWW using LaTeX2HTML, with suitable customization.

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The papers are listed alphabetically by the first author, who was the person who presented the paper at the YERAC meeting.

On possible extension of the unification scheme of radio galaxies and quasars
Krzysztof Tadeusz Chyzy (or postscript)
A water maser search towards colour-selected IRAS point sources
Claudio Codella and Francesco Palla (or postscript)
The quasar fraction in a sample of giant radio sources
Garret Cotter (or postscript)
MERLIN observations of bipolar outflow from HM Sagittae
Stewart Eyres, Harold Kenny, Jim Cohen, Huw Lloyd, Sean Dougherty, Richard Davis and Mike Bode (or postscript)
The Status of Hungarian Space VLBI Assistance Software
Sandor Frey (or postscript)
An expanding plasmon model for the radio outbursts of Cir X-1
Joan Garcia (or postscript)
Radio observations of the Marano Field
Carlotta Gruppioni (or postscript)
A CLEAN-based method for mosaic deconvolution
F. Gueth, S. Guilloteau and F. Viallefond (or postscript)
Jets in nearby FRII radio galaxies
Martin Hardcastle (or postscript)
Scaling relations for molecular gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Arto Heikkilä (or postscript)
Sub-mm and radio observations of water maser sources
Tim Jenness (or postscript)
MERLIN Observations of the Radio Jets of SS433
Frederick H. Jowett and Ralph E. Spencer (or postscript)
The use of Positive Matrix Factorization in the analysis of molecular line spectra from the Thumbprint Nebula
Mika Juvela, Kimmo Lehtinen and Pentti Paatero (or postscript)
Photon dominated regions: observation and theory
B. Köster, N. Schneider, H. Störzer and J. Stutzki (or postscript)
Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei in a model with the radial magnetic field
Yuri Y. Kovalev (or postscript)
A possible turn-over in pulsar spectra at mm-wavelengths?
Michael Kramer, Richard Wielebinski, Axel Jessner, Kiriaki M. Xilouris and Michail Timofeev (or postscript)
Possible manifestation of the gravitational lensing effect in single pulsar timing
T. I. Larchenkova and O. V. Doroshenko (or postscript)
The distant DRAGNs survey
J. Duncan Law-Green (or postscript)
High-frequency Radio Continuum Observations of Giant Radio Galaxies
K.-H. Mack, U. Klein, L. Saripal Li, R. Strom and R. Wielebinski (or postscript)
Molecular oxygen in interstellar clouds
Priscilla Marechal (or postscript)
Neutral hydrogen absorption in the Seyfert nucleus of NGC 4151
Carole G. Mundell, Alan Pedlar, Stefi Baum, Chris O'Dea, Jack Gallimore and Elias Brinks (or postscript)
A 215 to 265 GHz spectral line survey of the Sgr B2 molecular cloud
Albert Nummelin (or postscript)
Measurements of anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation on scales of half a degree
Créidhe O'Sullivan (or postscript)
VLBI observations of the quasar 3C380
Izabela Owsianik (or postscript)
Stability of the relativistic rotating electron-positron jet and superluminal motion of knots
V.I. Pariev (or postscript)
CO in NGC 1530, aperture synthesis of a barred spiral
D. Reynaud and D. Downes (or postscript)
Comparison of Microwave Background Radiation models and experiments
Graca Rocha (or postscript)
Determination of the relative orientation between radio and dynamical reference frames using VLBI observations of spacecraft
N. V. Shuygina (or postscript)
1803+78: A Helical Core Jet
W. Steffen, T.P. Krichbaum, S. Britzen and A. Witzel (or postscript)
Relic radiolines of hydrogen at decimeter and meter wavelength band
Vladislav Stolyarov and Viktor Dubrovich (or postscript)
Exploring the engines of molecular outflows
Leonardo Testi (or postscript)
Small Scale Distribution in Molecular Clouds
Sophie Thoraval and Patrick Boissé (or postscript)
A 151 MHz Galactic plane survey
Simon Vessey (or postscript)
BABEL - A method for digitization and restoration of contour maps
Gernot Westphalen (or postscript)
High resolution studies of protostellar condensations in NGC 2024
Helmut Wiesemeyer (or postscript)

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