Notes on the classic CASA build

On Makefiles

  • basename $(@F): basename removes the suffix. $(@F) removes the directory part of the path. Therefore $(basename $(@F)) of foo/bar.cpp is bar

Makedef notes

COREROOT := /home/bnikolic/d/p/cs/

CCMTOOLSROOT := /home/bnikolic/d/p/cs

QT4ROOT := /home/bnikolic/d/p/cs QT4LIBD := $(QT4ROOT)/lib64 MOC4 = $(QT4ROOT)/bin/moc $(CPPSTD) $(QT4DEFS) UIC4 = $(QT4ROOT)/bin/uic

qtincludes gone funny:

#QT4INCD  = /usr/include /usr/include/QtCore /usr/include/QtDBus /usr/include/QtGui /usr/include/QtXml /usr/include/qwt
QT4INCD  = $(QT4ROOT)/include $(QT4ROOT)/include/QtCore $(QT4ROOT)/include/QtGui $(QT4ROOT)/include/QtXml $(QT4ROOT)/include/qwt

/home/bnikolic/d/p/cs/lib/libCCM_Local_HomeFinder.a 0> /home/bnikolic/d/p/cs/lib/libccm_CCM_Local_HomeFinder.a

Set CCM_TOOLS_HOME variable

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