Out-Of-Focus holography with mm-wave cameras

Recently, we (meaning the groups at NRAO, at University of
Pennsylvania and myself) have made progress on enabling the OOF
holography technique (see http://www.mrao.cam.ac.uk/~bn204/oof/) on
large-format radio wavelength cameras, in particular the MUSTANG array
at the GBT.

This work is being documented on the following wiki:


The oof software is available for download at:


Finally, as an illustration, below is a map of the GBT surface
re-created from out-of-focus MUSTANG images. Although this particular
observation took of the order of 15 minutes, it is likely we will be
able to reduce this to the order of a couple of minutes, allowing
effective and rapid correction of all gravitation and thermal effects
on the telescope.

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