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If you can not find what you are looking for here you may want to try my old personal web-pages at MRAO or perhaps NRAO . There is also an old personal wiki page here.

Finally, updates on what I'm doing at the moment are available at my research "blog".

A Brief Introduction

Currently I am working on algorithms for atmospheric phase correction for the Atacama Millimetre Wave Array ( ALMA ) using water vapour radiometers operating at 183 GHz. More information is available in the ALMA section.

Out-Of-Focus Holography

The OOF technique is now described in these pages. You can get more information from the following sources if you wish:

  • The OOF wiki pages
  • The URSI write up from 2002 (pdf ). Note that this of course is not a reflection of current status of GBT surface (these data were taken before the active surface was even commissioned).

Statistical studies of star formation in galaxies

This section will also soon move to a separate page. Much of this work is described in the recently published paper by Nikolic, Cullen and Alexander ( ADS entry, pdf preprint).

Collaboration pages are here (private to members of collaboration only).

Email stuff

I read email often so that is a good way to get in touch. An exception is email with attached Word documents (.doc files) which it is a hassle to open -- please avoid these if possible. My outgoing mails are normally signed with PGP/GPG and my public key is available here.