This library uses the standard GNU autoconf build tool chain – see Autoconf for end-users for general information on how to configure and build.

Some packages that you will definitely need to compile BNMin1 are:

  • C/C++/F77 compiler (gcc 3.x and 4.x should be supported)
    • Note that f2c-type compilers (e.g., fort77) may not work
  • Boost C++ libraries (>= 1.34 as of time of writing)
  • SWIG (>= 1.3.31 as of time of writing)
  • GSL (>= V1.9 as of time of writing)

Quick-start building V1.8

Assuming that you have all the dependencies installed, this shell script will build and install BNMin1

# Destination directory -- obviously adjust to your preference
export INSTALLDIR=/home/bnikolic/temp/buildtest

# Install BNMin1 
tar xjvf bnmin1-1.8.tar.bz2
cd bnmin1-1.8
make && make install && cd ..

Doesn’t work? Then:

  1. Check output of “configure” script to see which dependencies are missing
  2. Consult Autoconf for end-users
  3. Email me, and please attach the “config.log” file



You can download here: bnmin1-1.11


You can download here: bnmin1-1.10


You can download here: bnmin1-1.9


You can download here: bnmin1-1.8


You can download here: bnmin1-1.7


You can download here: bnmin1-1.6


You can download here: bnmin1-1.4

Licensing, No Warranty, Support

This software is made available under the terms of the GPL V2 or (at licensee’s option) latter licences. For details of the licence see the files named “COPYING” in each of the distribution packages.

Please note that there is no warranty of any sort for this software. Consult the text of the GPL for details of the no warranty condition.

I am not funded to provide support for this software. If you wish direct question to me feel free to email, but understand if I do not have the time to reply.

Also, please note that this is primarily a research system that has grown during investigation and application of the OOF technique. As such, it is not designed to be an “end-user” system. Unless you can do C++ or Python programming it will be completely useless for you.