August 2003:

Some pictures of the GMRT, and the walk up Narayangad, to visit a temple (note the rock cut steps and water cistern). The was towards the end of the monsoon, so things were very green.

Pune traffic, and shops.

May 2004:

This time it was just before the monsoon, so was very dry, and very very hot!

Travelling in Pune.

September 2005:

July 2006:

June 2008

Details of the antenna feeds (with dual 240/610 MHz chosen).

January 2010

And another excursion up Narayangad to see the temple, which on this occaision was being used.

January 2012

You can just see the temple on the top of hill (left) in the last photo.

December 2012

People in the one of the dishes, for painting, gives the scale of each GMRT antenna (45 m diameter).

Whereas this does not!