David Buscher

Reader in Experimental Astronomy

Part II Computational Physics

Calendar for 2021

Event Date
First Lecture 11:00 Thursday 21st January
First Practical Class 14:00 Monday 15th February
Last Lecture 10:30 Tuesday 16th February
Last Practical Class 14:00 Friday 12th March
Exercises hand-in 16:00 Friday 19th March
Project hand-in 16:00 Monday 3rd May

Course Structure

The course consists of three components: a lecture course, a set of compulsory practical exercises, and an optional project (1 unit of Further Work). The formal details of these modules are available on the relevant course pages on the Teaching Information Service (TiS) website. A summary is given below, together with some additional information and links to resources elsewhere.

Lectures take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weeks 1-4 of the Lent Term. The lectures will be delivered by video on Moodle. Lecture handouts will appear on the Computational Physics section of the TiS. Details of "office hours" where you can ask questions about the lecture material are on the Moodle site.

Practical classes with demonstrator support will take place on Fridays, Mondays, and Wednesdays in weeks 4-7, from 14:00-17:30.

The manual for the practical exercises will be available on the Computing Exercises section of the TiS. You can start these as soon as the manual is available. The deadline for the hand-in of exercises is the last day of Lent Term.

You will be able to download the projects manual from the Computing Project section of the TiS. You can choose a project and start as soon as the manual is available - note that you do not need to formally register for a project before you start work. The project deadline is the first Monday of the Easter Term.




Version/Revision Control

Numerical Methods


Note: if you use an online service for work you intend to submit for credit, make sure that your project is private (i.e. not publicly viewable on the web).