Non-Gaussian Simulations

Non-Gaussian Simulations


We have developed a method of creating statistically-isotropic non-Gaussian maps of CMB temperature fluctuations. The code for creating simulations for both the full sky (using the Healpix pixelisation scheme) and for the flat-sky can be downloaded now.

Code for full sky simulations.

Code for flat sky simulations

The full version of the paper describing this method and the statistical properties of the resulting maps is available here.

A summary of the method with a series of items describing the logical steps taken is available here.

Please include an appropriate acknowledgement in any publications based on work that has made use of this package - 'NGsims'

and cite Rocha et al. (2004), preprint astro-ph/0406136, published 2005, MNRAS, 357, 1-11, by `Graca Rocha, M.P. Hobson, Sarah Smith, Pedro Ferreira and Anthony Challinor', 2004.

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