Finder - The COAST Acquisition System and Seeing Monitor

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Quickstart Guide
How to get going with finder and DIMMWIT in a big hurry!
Users Manual
How to use finder and DIMMWIT in more depth.
Reference Manual
The inner workings of finder and DIMMWIT.
How to fix finder and DIMMWIT's (ahem) more well known ailments.

Other Resources:

Web Pages:
Starlight Xpress cameras
David Schmenk (Original Linux driver author)
Arcom (embedded Linux single board computer supplier)
NOTE: For documentation on our single board computers please refer to our Arcom developers kit CD-ROM.
Datasheets (PDF format):
Starlight XPress CCDs:
For MX516: ICX055BL
For HX516: ICX084AL
Microcontroller and USB interface:
Camera mount engineering drawing:
In original format (OpenOffice Draw 1.0)

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