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_oi_vis_record Struct Reference

Complex visibility record. More...

#include <exchange.h>

Data Fields

int target_id
double time
double mjd
double int_time
double * visamp
double * visamperr
double * visphi
double * visphierr
double ucoord
double vcoord
int sta_index [2]
char * flag

Detailed Description

Complex visibility record.

Corresponds to one row of an OI_VIS FITS table.

Field Documentation

int _oi_vis_record::target_id

double _oi_vis_record::time

double _oi_vis_record::mjd

double _oi_vis_record::int_time

double* _oi_vis_record::visamp

double * _oi_vis_record::visamperr

double* _oi_vis_record::visphi

double * _oi_vis_record::visphierr

double _oi_vis_record::ucoord

double _oi_vis_record::vcoord

int _oi_vis_record::sta_index[2]

char* _oi_vis_record::flag

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