Extragalactic Jets and Galactic Winds




  • Hydrodynamic Simulations of Light Bipolar Large Scale Jets
    M.Krause & M.Camenzind
    in: ACTIVE GALACTIC NUCLEI: FROM CENTRAL ENGINE TO HOST GALAXY (ed.: Collin, S., Combes, F., Shlosman, I.), APS 290, 341
  • Parameters for Very Light Jets of cD Galaxies
    M.Krause & M.Camenzind
    in: The Physics of Relativistic Jets in the CHANDRA and XMM Era, New Astronomy Reviews 47,573 (ed.: G. Brunetti, D.E. Harris, R.M. Sambruna and G. Setti)
  • 3D Evolution of Jets in Clusters of Galaxies - A Comparison with Herbig-Haro Flows
    Camenzind, M., Krause, M. & Thiele, M.
    In: Jets 2002: Theory and Observations in YSO's. Jenam 2002, Kluwer
  • MHD Simulationen Protostellarer und Extragalaktischer Jets
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    In: Simulation in Physik, Informatik und Informationstechnik (SYSI); Symp. 66. Physikertagung Leipzig. ISSN 0944-7121, HTW Dresden

Electrodynamic Phenomena with Kerr background metric

  • Diploma Thesis:
    Dynamics of Electromagnetic Fields in the Exterior Schwarzschild Metric
    Electrodynamic phenomena in the neighbourhood of the black hole horizon are examined. Therefore the analytical solution of Laplace's equation is achieved and the wave equation is solved also mainly by analytical methods. The result is a detailed knowledge of the oscillations in every multipole mode. Next to the horizon their nature becomes fractal, which is shown by the analytically derived solution, that is valid in this region. With the solution of Laplace's equation many electro- and magnetostatic problems are now tackable.
  • "Allgemeine Analytische Lsung der Magneto- & Elektrostatik fr den Vakuumfall im Schwarzschildraum" Verhandlungen der DPG 4/1999 63.Physikertagung der DPG; March 15 - 19, 1999

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