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Next EVN Proposal Deadline:  February 1, 2002

See newletter for more details

Observing proposals are invited for the EVN, a VLBI network of radio telescopes in Europe and Asia operated by an international Consortium of institutes. The EVN is open to all astronomers, and encourages use of the Network by astronomers not specialised in the VLBI technique. The Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) ( can provide support and advice on project preparation, scheduling, correlation and analysis.

PIs can apply for time by completing a coversheet ( and attaching a scientific justification (maximum 2 pages). The detailed call for proposals ( has further information on Global VLBI, EVN+MERLIN and guidelines for proposal submission.  The EVN User Guide is available at, the EVN Status table ( gives current antenna
capabilities and the on-line VLBI catalogue ( details sources
observed by the EVN and Global VLBI.

EVN Observing Sessions in 2002

2002 Session 1    Feb 08 - Mar 01  18/21cm + MERLIN, 5cm, 3.6cm
2002 Session 2    May 24 - Jun 14  18/21cm, 6cm+MERLIN, + ...
2002 Session 3    Nov 08 - Nov 29  6cm, 18/21cm+MERLIN, 5cm +...

Proposals received by 1 February 2002 will be considered for scheduling in Session 2, 2002 or later. Finalisation of the planned observing wavelengths will depend on proposal pressure.

Special features for Sessions in 2002

i.  The new VLBI terminal at Arecibo is installed and fringes have     been found to VLBA antennas  (see

ii.  GBT available - see full version of the call for proposals for   further details

iii. 512 Mbps recording available at EVN antennas from session 2/2002

iv.  The Shanghai and Urumqi telescopes are now fully operational for  MkIV/VLBA recording

v.   A 5cm receiver is now available at Cambridge

vi.  Hartebeesthoek (South Africa) is now an associate member of the EVN

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