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Network access to PWF Linux from Microsoft Windows

If your local machine is running some version of MS Windows, then the route to a secure X Windows connection to the PWF Linux server is more complicated. You will need an X server program for Windows (such as Exceed, available for institutional use from Computing Service Sales for a small licence fee); and also an SSH client, such as PuTTy. Note that the alternative Tera Term with the TTSSH extension, which was previously recommended, only supports version 1 of the SSH protocol and is no longer compatible with the PWF Linux systems. Exceed and PuTTy may already be installed on your college machines, and are installed with Windows XP on the Physics PWF workstations if you want to see them in action: look in the PWF Programs -> Communications and Networking folder.

Configuring Exceed

The X server should be configured to start up in passive mode, accepting connections from the local host only. Run the Exceed configuration tool xconfig and:

Now when you start Exceed, it should run in the background without offering any direct login prompt.

Configuring PuTTy

PuTTy is a small program written by a team of Cambridge programmers. When you have downloaded and installed it from the link above, configure it as follows:

Now you should be able to start up a remote X windows session on the PWF server:

If you have problems gaining access via MS Windows from your college machines, then your College Computer Officer may be able to help.