Specx is a general purpose astronomical spectral-line data analysis program. It was originally written for reduction of data from the mm-wave receivers built for UKIRT by a consortium including MRAO, QMW, UKC and RAL, and since then primarily for data from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. However, it has evolved for analysis of data from many different observatories.

Specx 6.3
This was the first version of SPECX with a proper command language. V6.3 was written under VMS; V6.4-6.7 were ported to Unix by Horst Meyerdierks, with help from Remo Tilanus and myself. This is still the current version at JCMT. The manual is available for download.

Specx V7.0 is a new release, and is currently available only for Windows (98/Me/NT4/2000/XP). V7.0 is written mainly using Digital Fortran, first on Alpha-VMS and more recently on Windows. The Windows compiler is Digital Visual Fortran (now Compaq Visual Fortran, although recently sold to Intel...), running in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Before running SPECX, please download and install the Visual Studio DLLs, from Compaq. Alternatively, an icon to install the versions current with this release is included in the start menu.

Rachael Padman, 13th August 2002