Part II Systems




Handout  (PDF)
Pictorial Dictionary of Fourier Transforms (PDF)
Laplace Transform exercises (PDF)
Problem sheet (PDF)
Examples Class problems (PDF)

Summary 1: Continuous linear systems
Summary 2: Discrete linear systems
Summary 3: Noise in linear systems
Summary 4: 1-D non-linear systems

Worked solutions (PDF)
Examples Class solutions

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My thanks to the previous course lecturers, Bill Allison and Paul Scott,  for permission to use and adapt their material for this course.

I am happy for you to email me with questions either about the material, or for help with problem solving. If the answers seem interesting enough, I will make them available as an FAQ. Or come and see me in office hours:  I will be available (as far as possible) in my office for an hour after each remaining lecture (11:30-12:30) to deal with any questions.

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