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Public speaking and interviews

As part of my work I get the opportunity to travel the world and talk about my work to audiences of various backgrounds. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to explain about my research through different media channels. Below I've listed various scientific and non-scientific talks and interviews I've given in the last few years.

  • 2018

- Invited review at ‘Views on the interstellar medium in galaxies in the ALMA era’, Bologna, Italy
- Public lecture at the Loughton Astronomical Society
- Public lecture at the Cambridge Astronomical Association/Cambridge Young Astronomers
- Public lecture for the Institute of Astronomy open evenings
- Invited colloquium at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Institute for Astronomy, UK
- Invited colloquium at the University of Central Lancashire, Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, UK
- Invited colloquium at Groningen University, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Netherlands
- Invited speaker at ‘The early growth of galaxies IV’, Sesto, Italy

  • 2017

- Invited review at ‘Distant Galaxies from the Far South’, Bariloche, Argentina
- Invited lecture for ‘Lorentz Center Highlights’, Leiden, Netherlands
- Invited seminar at Lancaster University, Observational Astrophysics group, UK
- Invited speaker at ‘Plumbing Star Formation Rates in the Age of JWST’, Texas A&M, USA
- Invited speaker at ‘A Decade of the Star-Forming Main Sequence’, Leiden, Netherlands
-Invited speaker at ‘Characterizing Galaxies with Spectroscopy with a view for JWST’, Leiden, Netherlands

  • 2016

- TV Interview for Astronomy documentary series ‘Cosmic Front’, NHK - the public broadcaster of Japan
- Invited talk at ‘Physical Characteristics of Normal Galaxies at z>2’, Leiden, Netherlands
- Invited review at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2016 symposium ‘Probing the New Frontiers with Cluster Lenses’, Athens, Greece
- Invited talk at Royal Astronomical Society specialist discussion ‘High-redshift galaxies and their low-redshift analogues’, London, Uk
- Invited seminar at the University of Hertfordshire, Centre for Astrophysics Research, UK

  • 2015

- Invited seminar at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Institute for Astronomy, UK
- Invited seminar at the University of Nottingham, Astronomy Group, UK
- Invited seminar at the University of Sussex, Astronomy Centre, UK
- Invited talk at the European Week of Astronomy and Space ScienceS 2015, special session “Theory and Observations of the First Galaxies”, Tenerife, Spain
- Contributed talk at “Modelling Galaxies through Cosmic Time”, Cambridge, UK

  • 2014

- Public Lecture at JC van der Meulen Foundation, the Netherlands
- Public Lecture at the Leiden Amateur Astronomy Association, the Netherlands
- Guest speaker for Universe Awareness (UNAWE) teaching workshop, the Netherlands
- Invited seminar at the Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik (MPE), Germany
- Invited talk at “The Formation and Growth of Galaxies in the Young Universe”, Obergurgl, Austria

  • 2013

- Guest on “Hubble Hangouts”, official monthly outreach broadcast
- Radio interview on record-breaking high-redshift galaxies, “TROS Nieuwsshow”, Dutch National Radio 1 (500.000 listeners)
- Contributed talk at “Galaxy Evolution over Five Decades”, Cambridge, UK
- Contributed talk at “Physical Processes of Galaxy Formation: Consensus and Challenges”, Aix-en-Provence, France

  • 2012

- Radio interview on solar flares, SBS Australian Radio station
- Public lecture at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, the Netherlands
- Guest lecture at Leiden Youth University, the Netherlands
- Guest speaker at the Dutch National Stargazing Days, the Netherlands
- Guest lecture at Junior Science Lab, Leiden University, the Netherlands