Research Interests

During the course of my research career I have been involved in a number of different astronomical instrumentation based projects which have given me a wealth of skills that I can apply to solve many different technical challenges. These projects range from: the end-to-end systems modelling, design and commissioning of an optical to near-infra-red stellar coronagraph at the William Herschel Telescope, a European Space Agency design study into fold-out large aperture space telescopes, prototyping 'Smart' X-ray mirrors for next generation X-ray telescopes and R&D into future adaptive optics.

My particular interest, stemming from my coronagraph research, is in high contrast, high resolution imaging and spectroscopy for the direct imaging and characterisation of exoplanets. For me, the most exciting and challenging aim is to develop techniques, instruments and new telescopes towards the goal of detecting small rocky planets like our own Earth and to be able to extract information from this such as the presence of gases in an atmosphere or specific spectral signatures that might indicate the presence of life.

I am currently involved in the Terra Hunting Experiment, Universal Life and SPECULOOS. Please follow the links on this page to read more about my current or past projects.