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COAST is a multi-element optical interferometer with baselines of up to 100 metres, designed to observe stars with angular resolution as high as one thousandth of one arcsecond. This website consists of a set of pages giving information about COAST, including astronomical results obtained with the telescope. COAST is currently used mainly as a testbed for subsystems and components intended for MROI, VLTI, and future optical interferometer arrays. The team who built COAST are collaborating with New Mexico Tech on the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI), which will employ the principles pioneered at COAST to image faint and complex astronomical targets. The MROI will provide new insights into the physics of star and planet formation, stellar accretion and mass loss, and Active Galactic Nuclei. For more details on the full range of research performed by members of the Cavendish optical interferometry group, please refer to our optical interferometry front page.

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