Geometric algebra

Welcome to the Cambridge University Geometric Algebra Research Group home page. Our group works on applications of geometric algebra in physics, computer science and engineering.


Geometric Algebra for Physicists was published by Cambridge University Press in 2003. Click here for more details.

Anthony Lasenby gave the keynote address at the SIGGRAPH 2003 conference in San Diego this summer. Material from his lecture is contained here.

A convergence of ideas from conformal models of de Sitter space and inflation generates a new, highly restrictive class of models for the early universe. Click here for more details.

A study of the Dirac equation in a black hole background produces the first calculations of the bound state spectrum. Click here for more details.

Conformal geometric algebra provides simple algorithms for blending between circles. These can be used to generate smooth splines between series of points. Click here for more details.