Recent Lectures

Anthony Lasenby's keynote address at the SIGGRAPH 2003 conference in San Diego. Powerpoint file. Movies are also available here.
'Geometric Algebra and Quantum Information Processing' by Chris Doran. A series of lectures given at a joint Cambridge/MIT workshop on quantum computing. Files avalaible in pdf format. pdf1, pdf2, pdf3, pdf4.
'Applications of Geometric Algebra in Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics and Gravity' by A.N. Lasenby, C.J.L. Doran and E. Arcaute. Talk delivered at the Sixth International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications, Tennessee 2002.
Accompanying paper
'Classical and Quantum Dynamics in a Black Hole Background' by Chris Doran. pdf file.
'New Advances in Geometric Algebra' by Chris Doran. Talk delivered at the workshop 'Uncertainty in Geometric Computation', Sheffield, July 2001.
Accompanying paper, and talk in pdf.
The talk 'Geometric Algebra, Dirac Wavefunctions and Black Holes', by Anthony Lasenby and Chris Doran, given at the conference 'Advances in the Interplay between Quantum and Gravity Physics', Erice, 30 April - 10 May 2001. Accompanying paper.
SIGGRAPH 2001 talks on applications of geometric algebra, and more advanced topics in geometry. Available in pdf format. Applications (pdf)
G eometry (pdf)

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