Research Groups

David Hestenes' Geometric Calculus Home Page

International Clifford Algebra Society (formerly the Clifford Algebra Bulletin Board). Their abtracts and preprints are also available by ftp.

Clifford Research Group - University of Gent, Belgium

Leo Dorst - University of Amsterdam

Robin Tucker - Lancaster University

Christian Perwass - Kiel University. Includes links to his software library.

Ian Bell's introduction to GA

Geometric Calculus in Japan


A Clifford Algebra package available for Maple from Rafal Ablamowicz at the Mathematics Department of Tennessee Technological University, TN, USA.

Software to accompany the book "Clifford Algebras with Numeric and Symbolic Computations" edited by Rafal Ablamowicz, Pertti Lounesto and Josep Parra is avalable from the Birkhäuser Boston web site.


The 6th Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, May 20-25, 2002

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