A Lecture Course in Geometric Algebra

The handouts on this page accompanied the lecture course Physical Applications of Geometric Algebra, delivered as a Part III Minor Option to final year physicists at the University of Cambridge in 1999. The handouts here should serve as a ueful introduction to the range of applications of geometric algebra.

All files are available as gzip compressed postscript. The gzip utility can be freely downloaded from any of the GNU ftp sites (UK mirror). If your browser does not automatically decompress the file then save it, decompress it manually and view it with a postscript viewer such as Ghostview/GSview.

Copyright: You are welcome to download and print the following documents. Please consult the authors if you wish to make multiple copies.

Anthony Lasenby and Chris Doran


Formula Sheet
1 An Introduction to Geometric Algebra
2 Geometric Algebra of 3-d Space
3 Foundations of Geometric Algebra
4 Groups, Bivectors and Hamiltonian Mechanics
5 Linear Algebra
6 Balanced Algebras and Projective Geometry
7 Geometric Calculus
8 Spacetime Algebra
9 Spacetime Dynamics
10 Electromagnetism
11 Quantum Theory
12 The Dirac Equation
13 Gauge Theories
14 The Gravitational Field Equations
15 Motion of Point Particles
16 Spherically Symmetric Fields

Question Sheets

Sheet 1
Answers to Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Answers to Sheet 2
Sheet 3
Answers to Sheet 3
Sample Tripos Questions

A Complete set of the overheads accompanying the course is also available.


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